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Modern aesthetic
dentistry in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Modern aesthetic <br>dentistry in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Digital dental design
Porcelain veneers starting
from 205 EUR.

Beautiful smile

Numerous psychologists have confirmed the emotional and social importance of the healthy smile. The smile creates the first impression which is the most important and lasts long in time. A beautiful smile attracts attention when in a social situations. Cosmetic dentistry could deliver the smile you have always dreamed of. Find us in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • An attractive smile creates a pleasant first impression.

Digital smile design in Bulgaria

After a detailed photo shooting of the face, teeth and smile of the patient with the aim of a special dental software, taking in consideration the age and gender of the patient a new smile could be created.

The patient could see his smile before any treatment has started. Gaining the perfect smile is a complex task of a dental practitioner, dental technician and a periodontologist. In some cases the help of an orthodontist and an implantologist is necessary.

Knowing the aesthetic proportions of the teeth is the key factor for achieving the perfect smile which will make you smile with confidence.

Dental technicians prepare a wax –up model of the desired changes. The model is tried in mouth without any grinding of the natural teeth. With the wax-up model we verify if the model corresponds to the functional and aesthetic demands of the patient. Before any treatment has started the patient may see his smile, test the occlusion and the proportion of the teeth. The patient is actively involved in the creation of his own smile sharing his concerns and giving a feedback for the details bothering him. If changes have to be done, they are easily done on the model,without touching the surface of the natural teeth.

When the final result could be visualized and seen by the patient even before the treatment has started the patient feels comfortable and knows what he gets as a final result.


  • You may see your smile before starting the treatment.
  • The perfect proportions create an impression of beauty.
  • The patient actively participates in the creation of his dream smile.
  • With the visualization of the smile before treatment has started, the patient is sure for the final result he will get.

Work with the best dental technicians in Bulgaria.

Initial situation /decays and gingival hypertrophy/Digital smile designSutures after gingivectomy and alveolar bone remodeling under the gingivaDental lab model with porcelain veneersFinal result with ceramic veneersFinal result with ceramic veneers

Ceramic crowns and bridges

Ceramic crowns could provide an aesthetic outappearance that corresponds exactly with the high cosmetic demands of the patients. They are used mainly when teeth have significant defects, intraradicular posts and undesired discoloration. These crowns are suitable for frontal teeth.

Dental porcelain veneers are very thin layer of tooth –colored porcelain which re-creates the natural look of your smile. They provide an excellent aesthetic solution and possess close to the enamel physical characteristic. They are mainly used for correction of slight inclinations of the teeth or discoloration of the natural tooth crown after endodontic treatment.

Veneers are often used for closing undesired space between teeth or to restore the shape and size of the teeth. For placing veneers the natural enamel should be slightly prepared with a very fine bur by removal of a thin layer on the frontal part of the teeth.

Usually at the initial visit an impression is taken and the occlusion has been analyzed. After a slight preparation of the teeth temporary veneers are done by the dental technician so that the patient could try them and decide if this is the final result the patient desires or slight corrections are needed. After adjustments and patient’s approval of the final look, the dental technician prepares the permanent veneers. Veneers are resistant against aggressive colorants like wine, coffee, nicotine and with proper oral hygiene their color lasts for long.

Ceramic crowns and porcelain veneersCeramic crowns and porcelain veneersCeramic crowns and porcelain veneers

Advantages of the veneers

  • The biggest part of the natural crown of the tooth remains untouched.

  • Natural look which lasts long.

  • Undesired shape or color could easily be corrected.

    Teeth damaged by decayCavitiesIntra-radicular fiber –glass post reconstructionsTeeth preparation for porcelain crowns and veneersE-max ceramic crowns and veneers

Porcelain crown

Fracture of a frontal tooth.

Fracture of a frontal tooth Preparation for a pinlay mounted porcelain crownSilicone impression for a pinlay

  • Pinlay cemented into the root and porcelain crown. Pinlay cemented into the rootPorcelain crown


Bonding is a procedure for a slight correction of defects, fractures or space between the teeth. Usually the treatment is done with a resin based composite material in one appointment with minimally invasive teeth preparation of the surface of the enamel.

This type of treatment is cheaper than the treatment with veneers or ceramic crowns.

  • The main advantage of bonding is the maximum preservation of the natural tooth structure.

    Space between  teethBefore the  bonding procedureAfter the bonding procedure.After the bonding procedure

Ceramic Inlay

Ceramic Inlays are mainly used for a reconstruction of significantly fractured teeth –molars and premolars.


Ceramic inlays possess a high wear resistance and a long lasting aesthetic effect. When ceramic inlays are placed correctly occurrence of a secondary caries is avoided. The material used does not provoke sensitivity in teeth and the coefficient of deformation with thermal changes is close to the coefficient of the natural enamel.

Advantages of the ceramic inlays

  • Highly aesthetic and durable.

  • Used for molars and premolars.

  • Must be prepared by a dental technician using an impression of the cavity.

    Fractured molarCeramic InlayPlacement of a ceramic inlay

Teeth whitening in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dental office whitening takes approximately 1 hour. Cleaning of the tartat and plaque must be performed before the whitening procedure.

In some cases when devitalized teeth has to be bleached, a small cavity into the natural crown is done and a drop of whitening gel is placed and sealed inside.

Advantages of the professional teeth whitening.

  • Short procedure, performed by the dental practitioner who chooses the right whitening gel.

  • Risk free for the health procedure.

  • Whitening is controlled considering the condition of the teeth and general health condition of the patient and the individual needs.

    Teeth before bleachingAfter a bleaching procedure

Resin based composite filling

The resin based light –cured composite is the material most commonly used in dental practices nowadays. During the last years the manufacturers offered on the market composite materials with superior esthetic and technical characteristics.

Since dentin and enamel have different translucence and opacity a layering technique should be used to reach a satisfactory esthetic result when recreating the tooth crown.


Features of the resin based light- cured composite materials.

The composite has slight volume changes, it shrinks when lit. In order to avoid these changes each filling should be done using the layering technique, very small quantity of material should be placed into the cavity and lit, the same action should be repeated for each small piece of composite added, till the final obturation is finished.

Advantages of the light cure composite material

  • Satisfactory esthetic characteristics at a normal price.
  • Dentist could take time enough to crave the desired anatomy of the tooth surface.

Fiber – reinforced adhesive composite bridge

An adhesive bridge could be used when a frontal tooth is missing and there is no bone enough for an implant. The lingual part of the enamel of the adjacent teeth should slightly be grinded in order to attach the fiberglass and the composite material which holds the artificial tooth in the gap.

  • Very often when there is no bone enough for placing an implant in the frontal area an adhesive bridge could be used to restore a missing tooth.
  • Aesthetic dentistry at Dental Comfort
  • We will show you a photo of the problem we treat. Treatment will be performed only if it is really necessary. Microscope
  • We use modern materials with a high quality. High Quality Materials
  • We devote the time necessary for reaching out the final satisfying results. Preciseness
  • Pain free dental procedures. Painless
  • We carefully choose the dental technicians we work with. High quality performance

  • Aesthetic dentistry in other dental practices
  • If digital XR or a dental microscope are not available at the dental office the patient could not get an idea about the problem. On our patients we show a photo of the problem we are going to treat.
  • Sometimes compromises are made with the quality of the materials.
  • Often the desire to treat the problem quicker leads to complications with the quality of work.

The purpouse of Esthetic Dentistry is focused on making the smile beautiful by correcting slightly tilted teeth, spaces between teeth or undesired colour. Sometimes there are several options for a problem to be solved. In these cases the dental practitioner and the patient in a discussion choose the best option which fits patient’s budget and time available.

Dental treatment, focused on individual problem

Dental treatment
Average duration Price of the treatment
Porcelain veneers
1:30 h 205 eur
Porcelain crown
1:30 h 205 eur
Filling with a light–cured composite one–surface composite obturation
00:40 h 45 eur
Light–cured composite obturation two-surface composite filling
00:50 h 50 eur
Light–cured composite filling three-surface composite fillings
01:00 h 60 eur
Ultrasonic cleaning of dental plaque tartar and polishing
00:40 h 45 eur
Ultrasonic cleaning with Air–flow of dental plaque and polishing
00:40 h 65 eur
Fractured tooth reconstruction with composite and intraradicular fiber glass post.
01:30 h 80 eur
Bonding of a frontal tooth with a light cured composite
01:30 h 75 eur
Adhesive bridge
02:00 h 250 eur
Services Services

Painless treatment with long-term results.

The hundreds of cases followed through the years give us the confidence that we could successfully manage most of the problems in dental medicine. We apply an individual approach with an attention to each detail.

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